Urban company gave a tremendous cheat to all its employees


Read carefully what you are going to tell you, as you know that the technician who is an urban company, he has to do 60 jobs in 20 days or 60 days in 30 days, if he is a technician.

If he completes within 60 + 20 days, then he takes it from him for the next month ie from the next day, yes for the next 60 jobs ₹ 5000, but the Urban Company gave it here, you cheated the technician and from the next month ie That 60 jobs to take another job simultaneously, ₹ 11000 Urban company is seeking demand from its technician that now these technicians have come on the road.

It is very disturbing that the forced household is somehow connected to the urban company by arranging the money and after joining the urban company, the urban company cheated in this way and these technicians pulled customers from other companies and brought them to the urban company and these same technicians o Kicking on the stomach of the Urban Company today ₹ 11000 ie

As far as this is true, you can guess yourself, the urban company is really cheating all the technicians, but it is a matter of favor, we will gather more information about what the urban company says and will tell you in the next post. Some fellow technicians have shared some video photos with us right there

Name of some technicians included in this Protest

Zeeshan Haider Rizvi
Jitendra Kumar
The sultan
Mohammad shahrukh
Mohammad zaid
Rafi Ahmed
Aftab Siddiqui
Amirul Siddiqui
Ankit Singh
Raju Prajapati
Alok Shukla
Rajat Kumar

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urban company employees zeeshan rezvi
Urban company sultan

Urban company gave a tremendous cheat to all its employees

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